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The commission given to the governor makes
him almost despotic; he can choose, change, and
act without his council. There is to be no house
of assembly; the Catholic religion is to be the
established one, and all Catholics are eligible to
anything upon taking the Quebec oath. Govern-
ment wishes to keep as near as possible to the
Spanish establishment, and, therefore, as there was
a vendue master under the Spaniards, there will
be one under us.

Everybody agrees that purchases in Trinidad
would answer; for it is the finest soil in the world,
has scarcely any mountain, and is as large as
Jamaica. I hear it is a very healthy island,
beautiful and curious in every respect, and of
great extent, so that my soul and body will
have elbow-room. The place allows of a deputy;
therefore, I trust in a couple of years, or less, I
may return to pass the remainder of my life In
content at Hamsterley.

i-Funchal Roads, January x^th, 1802.

We sailed from  Portsmouth on the last day
of the year.    Our frigate is a fast sailer, but rolls

i Mr. Swinburne had been appointed commissioner for
the restoration of the Danish islands to the forces of that
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